Leverage our expertise in precision
health and wellness to help your
child move in the right direction

We help your child:

Image of kids product
Image of kids product

We help your child:

  • Discover their strengths
Improved digestion and activity levels, reduced frequency of illness and antibiotic usage
  • Decrease health risks
Sharper memory, happier mood and quality sleep with adequate hormone production and nutrient synthesis
  • Boost cognitive performance
Precise tips for early intervention to minimize hidden risks (genetic susceptibility, gut imbalances or both)
  • Improve life long wellbeing
Better prevention with a foundationally strong body and mind, increase the chances for a disease-free adulthood

Kids wellness kit

Navipoint Health Kids

Designed for young children and teens (ages 3-17), our product helps you get a holistic picture of your children's health - including nutrition needs, immunity, gut health and health risks.

This kit includes:

image of test kit

An at-home testing kit

  • Saliva collection
  • Stool collection
icon of report

A complete wellness assessment

  • Genetics
  • Personal health data
  • Gut microbiome
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Diet and lifestyle recommendations

Your child should not take any antibiotics for upto 2 weeks before collecting a stool sample

Your child should not take any antibiotics for upto 2 weeks before collecting a stool sample

With us you get:

Dual-kit analysis
(DNA and Microbiome)

Actionable insights
for better health

Updated reports
at your fingertips

Better performance and
transition to adulthood

A comprehensive report with

100+ insights

and personalized recommendations
that include:

Overall health

  • Micronutrient needs
  • Allergies and immunity
  • Gut health & digestive
  • Behaviour & personality
  • Sleep and addiction habits
  • Weight management
  • Athletic profile
  • Health risks

Food recommendations:

  • Superfoods
  • Foods to include
  • Foods to moderately consume
  • Foods to avoid

Lifestyle advice:

  • Activity & habits
  • Emotional well-being
  • Personal care & hygiene
  • Sports & fitness

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image of testtube and flask

Every child has a
unique biology

Our tests provide a comprehensive evaluation of your child's genetics and gut microbiome

Learn more

Enhanced nutrition

Balanced immunity

Growth & development

Healthy gut

Strong Mental well-being

How it works



Post your purchase, use the Navipoint Health portal to log in to your dashboard and register your new kit.

Sample Collection

Painless and non-invasive. Use our at-home kits to send us your saliva and stool samples.

Lab Processing

We sequence your samples using advanced technology in a certified laboratory.


We analyse the data and generate results for your genetic and gut bacteria profile.

Custom Reports

Get personalized recommendations so that you can take full control of your health. Tailored to suit your mind and body.

Health Coaching

Get a one-on-one consultation with our health expert and understand the diet & lifestyle changes that your body needs.


More information about our kids product

More information about our kids product

How early or how soon can I get my child tested?

My child’s bowel movements are erratic at times, but this goes away on its own. How can I know if my child’s gut is healthy?

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help!

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