Personalize your health and wellness
journey with holistic insights based
on your DNA and Gut Microbiome

We deliver personalized health insights,
guided by scientific discovery

Better Digestive Health

Reduce your risk for digestive disorders by correcting imbalances in your gut bacteria.

Improved Immune Response

Build an army of immunity regulating gut bacteria and reduce frequent illness.

Enhanced Mental Performance

Improve your gut-brain connection and learn how to reduce stress and anxiety.

Actionable Nutrition Advice

Know your body's requirement for various vitamins, omega-3's and other nutrients.

Physical Fitness Recommendations

Get insights on your muscle composition, bone health, muscle recovery and exercise response.

Aging insights

Use our biological age prediction to find out if your body is aging faster than it should.

Our at-home test looks
at your body as a whole.

We curate recommendations
based on your

Gut Microbiome

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Our analysis evaluates:

  • What you are born with - your personal genome
  • What inhabits you - your dynamic gut microbiome
  • What is around you- your environment & lifestyle

Our tests are thoughtfully designed for every life stage

Navipoint Health


Navipoint Health


Navipoint Health


Gut Balance Program

Improve your gut health with our Microbiome-only kit

Our Gut Balance Program will help you discover personal superfoods & start a diet that restores your gut bacteria to optimal levels.

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We are all unique.

So is our response to the food we consume.

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Image of a coffee

Tolerates caffeine well


'Slow' caffeine metabolizer


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Your comprehensive and personalized health reports include:

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    Health Trends

    Metabolic health | Digestive health | Lung health | Heart health | Mental health | Reproductive Health

    Wellness Insights

    Growth and Development | Mental and physical fitness | Behaviour and Personality | Nutrition and gut health | Immunity

    Diet Recommendations

    Food to include | Foods to moderate | Foods to avoid | Super foods suited for you

Your comprehensive and personalized reports include:

Health Trends

  • Metabolic health
  • Digestive health
  • Lung health
  • Heart health
  • Mental health
  • Reproductive Health

Wellness Insights

  • Immunity
  • Nutrition and gut health
  • Growth & development
  • Mental & physical fitness
  • Behaviour & personality

Diet Recommendations

  • Food to include
  • Foods to moderate
  • Foods to avoid
  • Super foods suited for you

How it works



Post your purchase, use the Navipoint Health portal to log in to your dashboard and register your new kit.

Sample Collection

Painless and non-invasive. Use our at-home kits to send us your saliva and stool samples.

Lab Processing

We sequence your samples using advanced technology in a certified laboratory.


We analyse the data and generate results for your genetic and gut bacteria profile.

Custom Reports

Get personalized recommendations so that you can take full control of your health. Tailored to suit your mind and body.

Health Coaching

Get a one-on-one consultation with our health expert and understand the diet & lifestyle changes that your body needs.

...microbiome testing for the staff and some students has been enlightening. They are showing up differently and feeling good about themselves.
Shetal Walters,

Executive Director, Desert Garden Montessori

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...noticed some drastic shifts. One, my brain fog dissipated immensely and two, I was going to sleep early and waking up and not feeling exhausted.
Crystal L,

Social worker & wellness coach

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I got the gut microbiome test done for my 7 year old. Being a mother & nutritionist, I understand the role of gut health in our overall well-being. My son was suffering from digestive issues that have been completely resolved since we started following the recommendations provided in our Navipoint health reports. The reports provided are extremely detailed & cover a wide array of metabolic disease. Preventation is better than cure and knowing what works for his gut right from an early age will benefit him in the long term.
Bhakti Kapoor,

Nutritionist & Founder of Healthy High

My 12 year old has a weak respiratory system since he was an infant. After following the detailed recommendations received from the Navipoint Gut Microbiome testing, I have seen a vast improvement in not only his respiratory but his overall health. Prayaan is at a receptive age and he has seen how eating more of certain foods and avoiding certain foods can impact him positively or negatively. Getting this test done has been one of the best decisions. This is something that stays with him for his lifetime and helps him steer clear from many health issues.
Bhakti Kapoor,

Nutritionist & Founder of Healthy High

I thought the Navipoint recommendations were quite accurate and on point. While I could not follow all of them, I definitely followed the bit about what foods I should be eating less of. So I focused on reducing oats, wheat-based foods, yogurt in my diet (based on what my reports said), and that really helped my digestion get better. As soon as I made the changes, I saw very positive results within a week or so. I had been struggling with symptoms, which reduced dramatically to the point where eventually there was nothing. I went for days without feeling discomfort!


I strongly feel that with this additional tool of the Gut Microbiome testing in addition to the DNA testing is going to be a big game changer and will help us come to a solution to help our clients faster
Dr Meghna M,

Functional Medicine Expert & Founder of Vrieves Clinic

There is a lot of value in Navipoint's research and reporting. I have referred my clients for the integrated testing (DNA + microbiome) and the microbiome-testing too.
Shubangi T,

Nutritionist and founder of Nutrysuperdiet

My sleep and mood improved after following the recommendations from the test. Blood sugar levels are also reducing with the dietary intervention given.


Innovative and result oriented. The diet given helped in better acceptance (of food) by my digestive system. I noticed my sleep and mood has improved, and my blood sugar level is reducing.

English Language Educator, Foreign Studies

'I have always been very interested in these kinds of tests and was glad to get one for myself. The at-home kits were well designed, and easy to use. Loved the welcome letter! And the reports were very thorough, and provided many details on my health. I particularly appreciated the insights on physical fitness.
Aparajeet N,

Strength & Conditioning Coach

DNA Molecules

Your DNA and Gut Microbes are actively intertwined at the centre of your health.

DNA Molecules

Understanding the root cause unlocks your ability to live healthier.

DNA Molecules

Go beyond your DNA for optimal health and wellness.

Here are a few things people frequently ask us

Are there any restrictions for using these products?

Can I/my doctor use my results for treatment?

How and when should I get the follow-up test done?

How is my data protected? What about privacy? Who has access to my information?

How accurate is the analysis for the health risks in the reports? I have 'High Risk' - does it indicate an early diagnosis?

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help!
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