There is no-one else like you.
And inside you, there's a universe.

Welcome to the personalization of your health.

We help you:


Is the diet and lifestyle you're currently following right for you?


Are there any subtle shifts you can make to improve your well-being?


Are there diseases that you are more susceptible to and should be aware of?

The Power of Dual-DNA Analysis

DNA- Inherited from your parents

Contains the instructions for your cells to carry out various functions, even repair themselves!

Gut Microbiome - A community of micro-organisms living in your gut

Releases energy from the food you eat, maintains intestinal integrity, works with your immune system, makes hormones, and keeps you internally fit.

We analyse these factors to help you optimise your diet, lifestyle and overall health.

Products suited for every life stage

From childhood milestones to active ageing, our products are designed to help meet health goals, across all stages of life.

Navipoint Health Kids

DNA + Gut Microbiome Kit

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Navipoint Health Adults

DNA + Gut Microbiome Kit

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Navipoint Health Seniors

DNA + Gut Microbiome Kit

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At-home stool + saliva collection kit

Personal genome & gut microbiome analysis with 80+ unique insights

Diet and lifestyle recommendations from a certified nutritionist

1 on 1 Health Coaching session

We can be your partners in proactive recovery from COVID-19

Our program will help you restore and re-balance your gut microbiome so you can bounce back to being your best self.

COVID Recovery Program / Gut Microbiome Kit

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What does our test focus on?

Gut Health

Intervene early to minimize the risk of digestive disorders that impact overall health.


Build a microscopic army of immunity-regulating gut bacteria to combat illness.

Cognitive Performance

Discover your brain’s ability to learn, remember and respond to stress.

Physical Fitness

Overcome fitness plateaus by determining your body’s vitamin and mineral requirements.


Slow down internal ageing by making lifestyle changes that align with your biological composition.

What’s more?

Get insights into 100+ potential health risks, your sleep cycle, addictions and taste predispositions.

How does it work?

Kit Registration

Use the Navipoint Health portal to log in to your wellness dashboard and register your new kit.

Sample Collection

Painless and non-invasive. Use our at-home kits to send us your saliva and stool samples.

Lab Processing

We sequence your samples using advanced technology in a certified laboratory.


We analyse the data and generate results for your genetic and gut bacteria profile.

Custom Reports

Get personalized recommendations so that you can take full control of your health. Tailored to suit your mind and body.

Health Coaching

Get a one-on-one consultation with our health expert and understand the diet & lifestyle changes that your body needs.

Our research has redefined standards for precision health.

Improved health is easy when you have access to powerful insights on your own biology.

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