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Sample Processing

What do you do with my samples?

What does it mean if my sample is rejected?

How will I receive my results?

Can I view my results and recommendations in a language other than English?

For how long are my reports visible on the dashboard?

What kind of reports will I get?

Can I/my doctor use my results for treatment?

Why, how and when should I get the follow-up test done?


How do I register my kit?

How do I give my samples?

Why do you need my saliva and stool sample? Can I give just my saliva sample?

I think my saliva sample is contaminated. What should I do?

How long can my samples remain with me, before I send them to the lab?

Do you charge for shipping?

How is my data protected?

The Science Behind

What does my ‘genome’ consist of?

Do I have the same genome as that of my parents?

What does my 'gut microbiome' consist of?

How many genes and bacteria do you test for?

Why should I have my genome and gut microbiome tested? Will it tell me how healthy I am?

How do you calculate my risk in different health reports such as asthma or diabetes?

How accurate is this risk? Does a high risk indicate an early diagnosis?

Does the microbiome change over the course of time?

Is the gut microbiome dependent on our genetics?

What is the relationship between microbiome, health and disease?

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