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Take Control of Your Health: Recognizing Warning Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

Some of us are predisposed to developing diabetes because of biological factors such as genetics or underlying gut imbalances. Lifestyle changes can prevent or delay symptoms by several years! Get deep and personalized health insights for better prevention - with our Precision Health Kit.

Are You Biologically Wired To Sleep Less?

Getting a good night's sleep is easier said than done for many individuals. While some people naturally have a regular sleep routine, others struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep despite trying various remedies. Research suggests that sleep patterns are influenced by biological factors.

Root cause behind your Sugar Cravings? Take a look at your Genes

Have you ever felt this explosive desire for sugar? There are several reasons you may be experiencing this sudden gustatory gush, like poor lifestyle habits, psychological factors, and medications. Humans are biologically wired to crave sugar.

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Gut Health: Your Child’s Head Start to a Healthy Life

Posted at : 2023-01-25 | 2 mins read

The importance of gut health in everyday life has been a topic of discussion everywhere recently, especially when it comes to kids’ health. The trillions of bacteria living in your child’s gut play a key role in their mental and physical well-being and overall growth.

5 Things Our Test Can Reveal

Posted at : 2022-12-20 | 3 mins read

Have you ever been bloated, but haven’t been able to understand why or been tired in spite of a good night’s rest, or not been able to optimize your health even after leading a healthy lifestyle? Health is a tricky phenomena and what might work for one person, might not work for another.

Selfcare this winter season.

Posted at : 2022-11-29 | 3 mins read

The winters are a time of cool pleasant breezes and warm sweaters, but a myriad of health problems creep up during the winters as well. From skin infections to sore muscles and even stomach issues, the winters are an important time to take care of yourself.

5 foods to keep your gut happy this holiday season

Posted at : 2022-11-14 | 2 mins read

What you eat directly affects your mood. Different foods affect your body, especially your gut, in different ways. While some help nourish the "good bacteria,"others may be the reason for gut imbalances by feeding your "bad bacteria.". A balanced and healthy gut leads to a balanced and healthy mind!

The Gut-Brain Axis: A deeper insight into this nuanced connection

Posted at : 2022-11-02 | 2 mins read

Many times over we’ve heard people give the advice to ‘go with your gut’. Is the gut an organ that can make decisions for you? Recent studies show that the gut and brain have a deep-rooted, symbiotic relationship. The communication system between the gut and the brain is known as the gut-brain axis.

Gut Health & Why does it matter?

Posted at : 2022-11-01 | 2 mins read

Our knowledge of the gut and its importance over the years has evolved along with us. Scientists once believed that gut bacteria was neither harmful, nor beneficial and was simply neutral. But the ancient Greeks knew something we’ve discovered only recently.

Heal an Unhealthy Gut: Foods for your Gut Microbiome

Posted at : 2022-10-03 | 5 mins read

While probiotic-rich foods are beneficial for gut health, let’s take a closer look at some of the best and worst foods for gut microbiome.

Expert Interview : Dr Sujatha Stephen

Posted at : 2022-08-01 | 2 mins read

Precision nutrition, personalized dietary intervention – these are complex terms. Tell us how you explain this to people who ask you about them. Precision nutrition means looking at all things unique in a person’s biology, for planning their diet strategy. It is an approach to develop targeted...

Learn more about Gut Dysbiosis and Disease Prevention

Posted at : 2022-04-11 | 4 mins read

When your gut loses the diversity of bacteria – causing gut dysbiosis, your body is exposed to a host of health risks. Discover the dysbiosis diet and more. Trillions of microorganisms inhabit your gut microbiome and are responsible for balancing your body’s immune response...

Discover the Best Diet for Post-Covid Recovery

Posted at : 2022-04-11 | 3 mins read

Life may have returned to normalcy but the Covid-19 scare still exists, affecting the lives of millions globally. A reported surge in symptoms related to the digestive system like bloating, stomach ache, gaseousness and acidity has made it critical...

How does a Microbiome test help map your wellness?

Posted at : 2022-01-24 | 6 mins read

Wellness is easier to achieve when you have access to powerful personalized data about your own body that can impact your day-to-day life. Microbiome testing is a relatively recent phenomenon that has received a great deal of attention over the past few years.

How does Gut Health affect your Skin? Read to find out more.

Posted at : 2022-01-03 | 3 mins read

For the longest time, it was believed that the gut and the skin are two distinct organs. However, research has shown that they are very much related to each other. While they perform different functions, they both protect the body from harmful elements.

Personal Genome + Gut Microbiome - The Power of Dual DNA

Posted at : 2021-08-03 | 2 mins read

A person’s DNA and their Gut Microbiome are two important factors that impact their overall wellness. Any imbalance in the gut microbiome or disruption of the natural microflora of bacteria can drastically increase one's susceptibility to disease.

Prebiotics and Probiotics – What’s the difference?

Posted at : 2021-05-13 | 5 mins read

The symbiotic relationship between pre and probiotics in your body promotes a healthy environment for bacterial diversity in your stomach. Gone are the days when taking a daily multivitamin took care of your everyday nutritional needs. With lifestyle related disorders on the rise...

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