Health insights & personalized
recommendations tailored to
your unique biology

Scientifically-informed direction to better
guide your health and wellness choices.

Going beyond
your DNA.

We assess your health history, current symptoms and gut microbiome composition to map foods for a healthy gut, best suited to your profile.

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  • Better performance and mental health
  • Balanced hormones and immunity
  • Delay or prevent mid-life illness
  • Slow down aging
  • Improved metabolism and heart health
  • Enhanced physical fitness and productivity
  • Prevent nutrient deficiency

Navipoint Health Adults

We assess your current health status, gut microbiome composition and DNA to map foods best suited to your body.

This kit includes:

A Dual DNA collection kit - saliva + stool sample

Personal genome analysis

Gut Microbiome analysis

80+ health and wellness reports

Personalized Recommendations and Dietitian-led Coaching

Don't take any antibiotics for upto 2 weeks before collecting a stool sample

This test is not for expecting mothers.

Don't take any antibiotics for upto 2 weeks before collecting a stool sample

This test is not for expecting mothers.

Prevent overgrowth of harmful
gut bacteria

Reduce inflammation & associated health risks

Simplify your choices using reports that are based on your own biology

Discover personal superfoods & start a diet that maximises your potential

Improve your dietary response with better nutrient absorption

This is not a diagnostic test and is not meant to be a substitute for clinical management or treatment. The final reports include
personalized advice and recommendations. We do not provide any food, medication or supplements.

We integrate genomics with
nutrition science

We look at your

DNA profile


Gut microbiome


Health history

Using next generation sequencing technology

Advanced analytics and in-house algorithms are used to map your profile to


Reference samples


Foods in our nutrition database

Learn more about our science

We empower you with a healthy gut

Dietary recommendations that are best suited to your profile, including insights that are
personalized to your genes and gut microbiome after meticulous research.

View the 100+ insights our reports provide

Stay motivated & reach your health goals with our Health Coaching Program!

  • 12-week coaching program with a Registered Dietitian
  • Set manageable goals & track your progress
  • Troubleshoot challenges and answer questions along the way
  • Get confident with grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking
  • Implement healthy changes to your nutrition and exercise routine

How it works



Post your purchase, use the Navipoint Health portal to log in to your dashboard and register your new kit.

Sample Collection

Painless and non-invasive. Use our at-home kits to send us your saliva and stool samples.

Lab Processing

We sequence your samples using advanced technology in a certified laboratory.


We analyse the data and generate results for your genetic and gut bacteria profile.

Custom Reports

We give you personalized recommendations so that you can take full control of your health.

Health Coaching

Get a one-on-one consultation with our health expert and understand the diet & lifestyle changes that your body needs.


Here are a few things people frequently ask us

Here are a few things people frequently ask us

The gut microbiome is different for children and adults. How is that adjusted during analysis?

How many health and wellness parameters do you test for?

Can this test be taken during pregnancy?

Can this program identify the perfect diet for me? eg. keto or others

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help!
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