We combined DNA testing and Gut Microbiome testing to create the very first Dual DNA testing kit

A person’s DNA code, although unchanging, can confer health risks or advantages (such as protection against illness)


Gut bacteria are very, very important. From breaking down food to fighting off germs, these tiny bugs are real workhorses!

Our Research

Our scientists have been very busy for the last couple of years!
With deep research into human genomes and gut microbiomes, we have built a knowledge base for biomarkers that impact human health and wellness, along with diet and lifestyle interventions.

We have a comprehensive database of over

2500+ biomarkers for child wellness

We have the reference data of:

450+ human genomes and 10000+ microbiomes

We have investigated over

1000+ scientific & technical publications

Our comprehensive reports cover over

80+ wellness and health conditions

We started with Child Wellness

Every child is unique and so is their biology (genetics + gut microbiome). Using the dual DNA testing approach, we developed a wellness kit that addresses the individual needs of every child.

Our Ongoing Research

Continuous discovery and advanced research are in our own DNA as an organization. Our research initiatives span several areas including:


Microbiome-based nutritional intervention for health management

We work with healthcare experts at JSS hospital, Mysuru with the objective of providing microbiome-based dietary recommendations for enhanced health management. The study participants included paediatric and adult patients diagnosed with autism, stroke, epilepsy, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Diet & Lifestyle Factors

When you eat, make sure you eat for your gut bacteria, too!
A superfood for one person, could be less beneficial for another. Our products include personalized recommendations for everyone based on their genetics and gut microbiome.

Our researchers have worked on the following:


The effect of a vast spectrum of foods and substrates on your gut microbiome composition


The effect of genetic variants on micro and macro-nutrient levels, as well as food intolerances, allergies, metabolic response, etc


Based on the above, our nutrition & health experts found a scientific way to personalize food and lifestyle recommendations for individuals with different genetic and microbiome profiles.


The recommendations are designed to reduce current risks (imbalance in your gut microbiome) as well as reduce potential risks (your genetic factors).

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