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- Click on Login option on the top bar of the screen.

The kit barcode can be found on the right side of your wellness kit.

1. The kit consists of two specimen collection kits - one for saliva and one for stool sample.
2. Please read the instruction guide to collect your samples efficiently.
3. Perform the sample collection.
4. Re-pack the tubes in the kit.
5. Send us your samples by following the instructions in your kit or on your dashboard at app.navipointhealth.com

Your personalized reports are based on a dual-powered analysis of your genetics and gut bacteria (which is what makes the test awesome!). We require both your saliva and stool sample, to generate your results.

Don’t worry! In case of any spillage, we can send you a fresh kit. Just write to our customer care team.

Ideally, you should wait for 30 minutes without eating or drinking anything before collecting your saliva sample. This helps reduce contamination issues. However, if your sample seems to be contaminated, please write to our customer care team. Our team will reach out to you with further instructions.

Any time during the day (as long as you follow our instructions).

The samples can be safely kept at room temperature, for up to 5 days. However, we recommend that you send the samples back on the same day that you collect your samples. This is to ensure that samples are fresh and the test results are as reliable as can be.

Nope! There are no charges for kit delivery or the pick-up service.

Refund will be processed only if the request for refund is submitted within 7 days of purchase.
- All the refund requests will be processed within 30 days of the receipt of refund request.
- To receive a refund for an unused kit, you must notify us within Seven (07) days of placing your order and confirm that you have not yet shipped your samples back to us.
- In the event the sample collection kit has already been used and samples have been collected, INR 2000/- shall be deducted from the refund amount and
the refund will be processed only if
i) the customer has NOT already shipped the Kit with samples back to Navipoint prior to requesting a refund and
ii) the refund was requested withing the 7-day period of placing the order.
- Please note once the Kit has been used (samples collected) and shipped back to Navipoint, the Kit will then be non-refundable.

Sample Processing

- We extract your DNA from your saliva sample. This is your personal genome, your unique genetic code.
- We extract bacterial DNA from your stool sample. This is used to analyze your gut microbiota and relative abundance of different species.

Sample rejection/failure can occur at two stages:
- In case our lab personnel do not get quality DNA (pre-sequencing)
- In case data quality is poor
Thanks to certified sample collection and sequencing kits, sample or data failure is a relatively rare occurrence in our lab. In case we require fresh samples, we will notify you and send a fresh collection kit to your location. No additional charges are involved.

From the time that your samples reach our lab, it takes 8 weeks for generating the final reports.

We will notify you via email, once your results are ready. You can then log in to your account on www.navipointhealth.com and download your report.

As of now, English is the only language in which you can view your results and recommendations.

You will have lifetime access to view your results and recommendations.

- Wellness and Health reports for a wide range of areas such as nutrition, immunity, digestive health and lifestyle disorders
- Food-based recommendations
- Lifestyle advice

The reports are a holistic assessment of your health and help in enhancing wellness, immunity and gut health. The custom recommendations are targeted at minimising existing gut imbalances for better immunity and performance, and may lead to improvement in symptoms. Thus, they are important inputs for your physician and you, to assess your susceptibilities and strengths, and decide the right route to managing your health. However, the reports are not diagnostic in nature and are not meant to be substituted for medical advice and/or therapy.

It is important to get your microbiome re-tested after a certain period of time, and use the results to track progress on your health. When you order a repeat test, you will receive a fresh kit for sample collection (stool sample only). Your DNA (or genome) does not change with time. Hence, we do not require your saliva sample for updating your results. The rest of the procedure remains the same. Once we receive the sample, we will analyze your gut microbiome and generate updated reports and recommendations. You can order a repeat test done after 2-3 months of following the recommendations.

No, health insurance does not cover the cost of the test.

The Science Behind

Your genome (i.e., personal genome) is the collection of all the genetic material in your body. This is also known as your complete DNA code, a unique sequence of 3.2 billion nucleotides (letters), which contains roughly 25000-30000 genes.

Half of your genome sequence is from your mother and half from your father. So yes - there is a very, very high degree of similarity between all your genomes. However, all three genomes will still be unique :) Two genomes are a 100% match, only in case of identical twins.

Your gut microbiome consists of trillions of microorganisms which play a crucial role in your health. Among these are hundreds of bacterial species which thrive via a symbiotic relationship with their host. With bacterial cells outnumbering our own, we are more bacteria than human!

Your genome consists of several sequence variations that make you unique. These variations inform you about your genetic predisposition that potentially plays a role in shaping your overall health. Gut microbiome testing will reveal the diversity (how many different bacterial species are present) and richness (abundance of different species) of gut bacteria. These are very important indicators of gut (and overall) health. The test results help inform you how to re-balance your gut microbiome by restoring different gut bacteria to healthy ranges.

Our in-house proprietary algorithm performs a dual assessment of your genetics and your gut bacteria profile. A personalized report is generated, with over 100 insights on your wellness and health. Based on the reports, our experts curate an action plan with diet/lifestyle recommendations, tailored to your body’s needs.

Our research efforts have helped us create a database for comprehensive testing of biomarkers associated with human health. We analyze thousands of DNA variants (spread across the genome) and hundreds of species of gut bacteria.

The risk estimation is performed by a dual assessment of your DNA sequence and the abundance of different gut bacteria.

We use gold-standard technology for sequencing and only use high-quality data for reporting. This ensures that the analysis is as accurate as can be. However, this is not a diagnosis and we cannot associate it with the accuracy of confirmatory testing. The risk scores are an indicator of your current predisposition only. While you cannot alter your DNA, you can re-balance your gut bacteria, reduce overall risk and move towards the green zone. We will tell you how :)

Yes! The gut microbiome is very dynamic and changes every day, every week, depending on your food/environment. Several factors such as age, diet, health status, antibiotic usage affect microbiome composition.

The DNA sequence of your genome is constant and does not change. Testing of your DNA sequence needs to be done only once in your lifetime, unlike the gut microbiome. However, there are other kinds of changes which occur in the genome as you age, such as epigenetic changes. These changes modify the behaviour of your genes, but not the base sequence itself. You can read about it here.

Partly, yes! Some gut microbiome factors are heritable. Our research shows that certain variations in host DNA can influence the abundance of gut bacteria. However, environmental factors also play a huge role in determining your microbiome composition.

Gut dysbiosis (imbalance in gut bacteria composition) is linked with a wide range of health concerns, such as poor nutrient absorption, poor digestive health, reduced immunity, cancer, skin/hair problems and issues in mental health. In other words, having diverse, rich bacterial flora in the gut is beneficial for you. These bacteria are responsible for many processes, ultimately playing a role in disease prevention.

Experts universally agree that eating a balanced diet rich in a variety of nutritious foods accompanied by a healthy lifestyle (e.g., regular exercise, adequate sleep, stress management) must be done sustainably, for a longer period of time (minimum of 3-6 months). This helps bring about a permanent shift in overall health, with long-term effects such as balanced hormones, nutrient availability and immunity.