Enhance your post-COVID recovery with gut health restoration

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It’s important to manage post-COVID complications correctly.

Even an asymptomatic or mild infection can lead to post⁠-⁠COVID health issues

Why do we give special attention to your gut post-COVID-19?

When your gut microbiome is imbalanced (such as in the case of antibiotic usage), there is a depletion of beneficial gut bacteria and increase in harmful gut bacteria.

This imbalance, called dysbiosis, is linked with post-COVID conditions such as:

Recurrent digestive trouble

Brain fog and anxiety

Skin and hair issues

Reduced exercise capacity & increased fatigue

Newly diagnosed symptoms of the lungs, heart and immune system

Increased severity of pre-COVID issues such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol

Our COVID Recovery Program is designed to correct COVID-19 associated dysbiosis and improve gut health

COVID Recovery Program

We assess your COVID history, current symptoms and gut microbiome composition to map foods best suited to your profile. Our experts join you in your recovery journey to help restore your gut to a balanced state.

The program includes:

  • - An at-home stool collection kit
  • - Your Gut Microbiome analysis
  • - Personalised diet recommendations

What makes our program special?

It’s designed for COVID-19 recovery with a focus on your gut

Our program is designed to specifically correct COVID-19 associated dysbiosis through gut health restoration

We offer 40+ post-COVID health assessment reports
It’s highly personalised and precise

Since every individual has a different gut microbiome, a targeted approach is required to correct individual imbalances in gut microflora

Get a personal consultation with our certified health coach
It’s focused on your nutrition

With the correct food intake, we ensure the right balance of a diverse set of gut bacteria which allows your body to absorb nutrients better, make proteins faster and enable the multiple systems inside you to function better.

Get custom dietary recommendations for 90 days

Recovery matters as much as treatment does, if not more.

How does it work?

1. At home sample collection:

Collect your stool sample with our at-home, non-invasive testing kit. This should be done 30 days after taking any antibiotics.

2. Complete your personal health survey:

Answer some quick questions to help us understand your COVID history, post-COVID symptoms and any other health concerns

3. Receive your Starter Nutrition diet plan:

Start managing symptoms better and prepare your gut for complete restoration, by following our recommendations which help beneficial gut bacteria thrive

4. Analysis + sequencing of your gut microbiome:

We sequence the genes of your gut bacteria and generate your unique microbiome profile using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

5. Receive your microbiome results and Gut Restorer diet plan:

Know your unique dietary needs based on a triple-powered analysis of your COVID history, health status and unique gut microflora

6. Have a personalised health consultation:

Get a one-to-one consultation with our health coach and better understand the ‘why’ behind your personalised recommendations.

7. Keep track for 90 days:

Start following your food recommendations and feel the difference. We will check in with you and help track progress towards your health goals.

Let us help you find your way back to a healthier YOU.

Have Questions? We got you covered.

This program is for adults (above 18 years of age) who have had COVID-19 in the last year, and seek to optimise their recovery.

Yes, you do. Studies show that mild or even asymptomatic infections can have a deep-rooted impact on overall health. By correcting the imbalances in your gut, you can boost recovery (lessen fatigue, for example) and reduce the chances for future health complications, too.

Your stool sample contains bacteria that are living in your gut and being shed from your body. Stool analysis is the best method for non-invasive gut microbiome study.

No, we do not provide any medication. This program is not a substitute for clinical intervention of any kind. If you are experiencing any severe symptoms and suspect a clinical issue, please consult your physician.

No. This is not a medical-grade product or a diagnostic test. This kit is meant only for at-home COVID recovery, via natural diet and lifestyle interventions, based on your unique gut microbiome and post-COVID symptoms, if any.

For good gut health, both prebiotic and probiotic foods need to be included in the diet. However, the purpose of this program is to understand your unique biology and identify the imbalances specific to your gut microbiome (which varies from person to person). The final selection of foods and diet plan will depend on your microbiome analysis and your health data.

Our recommendations will contain natural foods that you need to include in your diet plans. We may include herbal compounds (e.g., Triphala) which are known to be beneficial for balancing gut bacteria. These are available in the market, in extract or supplement form. In case you have a clinical deficiency (e.g., vitamin, mineral), you should check with your consulting physician for confirming the dosage and duration of supplement usage.

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